LyricsWho But You by Aishat Lyrics and MP3 Download

Who But You by Aishat Lyrics and MP3 Download


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Who But You by Aishat

Who But You Aishat

Vocal 1
You walked into my life, in the middle of darkness.
You wiped my tears away, when I was down, having nobody
You took me up, to stand boldly
What would I do, but to keep loving you more.

Who would I miss, but you
Who would I love, but you
Who would I care for, but you
I just wanna open my heart to you
I want to be with you forever
I’m happy you are mine
We’ll be together.

Vocal 2
Just like a silent night, holy night
You are like my world, above all
You captured my heart so easily
You own my heart, just promise me
You will never play with my heart
You will handle me so carefully.

Vocal 3
Your love keep glowing in my heart
You are the source of my Joy
You never care about what people say
You still choose and you promise me
You will never make me cry
You will never let me down
You will never break my heart
You will always be honest with me.


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